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The Overall Process of Quality Control Flow Chart


  All flows realized by our products are built according to the requirement of ISO9001 quality management system.

  We carry out the whole process quality management: strictly control the raw material, scientifically design the production process, carry out the strict inspection control on the key point of process, and guarantee the stability of product quality.

  Whole process of product realization

  Each batch of our raw materials is strictly inspected, and the next link can be carried out after the node inspection is required in each link of the production process.

  We formulate the harsh quality standard and strictly execute it according to the different customers and products respectively, so as to ensure that our products can meet and even surpass the customer need.

  Product assurance and traceability

  We provide the relevant product quality certificate for each batch of goods sent to the customers; and based on the sales number, we can find the raw material, production process and inspection situation of this batch of products conveniently, reserve the shipping sample and inspection record of each batch of products, and can carry out the repeated inspection of any batch of goods in 10 years at any time. We promise to carry out thorough investigation on any compliant of each customer, until to solve the problem and get the customer satisfaction.




  Our quality objectives:

  ◆ Perfect product quality          ◆ Excellent batch-to-batch consistency           ◆The product meets or surpasses the customer requirement

    ◆Quick response        ◆ Good communication         ◆ Continuous improvement