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  • Details: Main applications:sapphire ingot growing,polishing, etc.
  • Details: Selecting micron and sub-micron alpha alumina powder as raw materia, which has good dispersibility and high polishing efficiency. Alumina slurry can be used for grinding and polishing of stainless st...
  • Details: Our diamond/CBN include varieties of chemical nickel coated, electro nickel coated, copper coated and Ti coated products, etc.
  • Details: This product is mainly used for processing the smartphone, tablet computer, center control screen of automobile and other high-end electronic window glass,
  • Details: Selected fine particle shapes. Strict size control . Unique formulation design for different application fields.
  • Details: For the monocrystalline diamond crushing material and rounding material, the high-quality artificial diamond is taken as the raw material,
  • Details: For the monocrystalline diamond micropowder, the high-quality artificial diamond is taken as the raw material, and their production process and product standard are formulated according to the require...
  • Details: Our nano diamond is formed with tiny crystals that are no more than 20nm. Special detonative synthetic condition produces sphere shaped diamond with rich functional group on the surface. Its specific ...
  • Details: Unique loose structure of spherical crystalline of nano diamond. Superfine dispersing effects because of unique ultra-dispersing technique.Angstrom-level accuracy surface finish.
  • Details: Fine polycrystalline diamond materials.Superhigh cutting force and surface finish in the processing of high hardness wafers.Different carriers are suitable for different fields.
  • Details: Polycrystalline diamond is diamond by acting graphite with very high explosion heat and explosion pressure produced by the high-performance explosive at the moment of explosion, so that the graphite i...
  • Details: Selecting fine lodox as the raw material, adopt diversified formulation design, our SiO2 Slurry are widely used for the grinding and precision polishing of compound crystals, optical device, LCD panel...
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