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  We pay attention to the technical innovation, and are committed to the development of new materials and precision grinding tool for material surface processing. In order to achieve this purpose, we build the enterprise research and development center, cultivate a lean technical research and development team, and continuously develop the new product and new process; and we undertake the construction of "Henan nanodiamond powder engineering technical research center", "Henan ultraprecise grinding and polishing material and application technology engineering laboratory and other series of innovation platforms successively, so as to lay a solid foundation for the new product research and development and technical innovation of the Company.

  Under the continuous efforts, we have developed the nanodiamond powders, diamond polishing slurries, aluminium oxide polishing slurries and other new products successively, and develop the special diamond micropowder for PCD, special micropowder for diamond wire, special micropowder for electroplated tool, special diamond micropowder for precision polishing and other series of new products. In the development process of new products and new process, 9 invention patents and many utility model patents of ours are authorized.